Hairlab Vaasa

We offer you professional services in hair care services such as hair clipp, coloring and permanent treatments as well as eyelash and eyebrows treatments.

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  • Hair cutting
  • Coloring treatments
  • Hair treatments
  • Microblading
  • Eyelashes (Volume/Classic)
  • Lash Lift
  • Eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Foot treatments

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Price list

Prices include 24% VAT All prices are approximate. Prices may vary according to the length and quality of hair and time taken

Student discount -15% (do not apply to products)

Hairlab Vaasa Barber, Susan

Barber, Susan

Hair cutting

Hair cutting from 35,00€

Trimming 39,00€

Bangs hair cutting from 15,00€

Children's hair cutting 20,00€

Men´s machine hair cutting 18,00€

Permanent treatments from 85,00€

Coloring treatments

Dyeing outgrowth from 85,00€

Dyeing outgrowth + hair cutting from 95,00€

Coloring or highlights from 110,00€

Coloring or highlights + hair cutting from 120,00€

Hair treatments

Intensive hair treatment (incl. hairmask + infusion treatment oil) from 35,00€

Hair wash with hair blow dry from 15,00€


Eyelashes (coloring), 20,00€

Eyelashes and Eyebrows + Coloring, 35,00€

Hairlab Vaasa Cosmetician, Glecie

Cosmetician, Glecie

Microblading, 199,00€ (Touch up after 30 days 99,00€)

Lash Lift, 50,00€ (coloring +5€)

Brow Lamination (coloring and shaping), 60,00€

Eyebrows (coloring and shaping), 20,00€

Volume Eyelashes, 130,00€

Classic Eyelashes, 110,00€

Foot care, 65,00€ (Peeling +10€)

Foot care + varnish, 69,00€ (Peeling +10€)

Allergy test, 20,00€ (Will be deducted from the price of the service if no allergy occurs.)

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